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Yi Chun Green Technology Silver Award for Green Design

Business Times / Wong Chuen Hing

Yi Chun Green Technology Creates Business Opportunity for Diaper Recycling

Business Times / Wong Chi Fong

Yi Chun Green Technology Launches Diaper Recycling Revolution

Business Times 2023/07/13

Business Times / Reporter Huang Zhifang

2023 See Taiwan ESG Summit on 7/14

Business Times 2023/06/26

Business Times / Reporter Huang Zhifang

Diapers become green gold! Yi Chun Green Technology now net zero LiFe!

Convergence News Network 2023/05/29

Confluence News Network / Reporter Ye Qianru

Concord Securities Group publication on ESG green business opportunities

Business Times 2023/04/25

Business Times/Kwok Ching Chi

Yi Chun Green Technology listed Pioneer Stock Board on 19th October 2022.

Concord Securities Organizes ESG Innovative Circular Economy Forum

YiChun Group: Realizing the Goal of Circular Economy