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Diapers become green gold! Yi Chun Green Technology now net zero LiFe!

Confluence News Network / Reporter Ye Qianru

Diapers become green gold! Yi Chun Green Technology now net zero LiFe!

This year, Yi Chun Green Technology appeared in the Net Zero LiFe Lifestyle section of the Vegetarian and Vegan Food Expo, presenting a wide range of practical finished products from diaper recycling, including 100% recycled diaper pails, OA supplies, and art and cultural paper, demonstrating the magic of turning diapers into green gold.

Kuo-Fen Shen, Vice President of Yi Chun Green Technology, said that the implementation of the waste diaper recycling program, currently using the center in Taiwan as a demonstration area, from the collection end of the development of various human factors engineering, recycled materials in the upstream and downstream end of the integration of the development of various types of carbon inventory and methodology to establish.

Kuo-Fen Shen added that 2023 can be said to be the year of Net Zero, observing that the rapid development of industry in the past hundred years has generated a large amount of waste, and disposable diapers have become unavoidable in modern life. By participating in the Net Zero LiFe Life Zone at the Vegetable & Food Life Expo, Shen expects to promote the concept of green and friendly environmental protection more actively, and to proclaim the solution to the problem of diaper waste, in order to protect the earth together.

Vice President Yu-Jen Huang said, in addition to presenting the recycled raw materials of diaper recovery in the exhibition area, and in the net-zero forum for the public to explain the ecological impact of waste diapers, waste can be recycled into three major raw materials, including r-plastics, r-paper fibers, rSAP, Yi-jun to improve the endpoints of the revitalization of waste, so that the Cradle to return to the concept of the Cradle of No Waste, the only planet towards a net-zero carbon-reducing and sustainable life. We are moving towards a net-zero carbon reduction and sustainable life for the only earth.

The industry said that nature is not the end of the diaper, Yi Chun Green Technology is, advocating the right way to deal with waste, can produce rich renewable resources recycling, but not excessive consumption of the earth's resources and more do not increase the burden of the use of environmental protection technology to achieve sustainability.