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Yi Chun Green Technology Creates Business Opportunity for Diaper Recycling

Business Times / Wong Chi Fong

Yi Chun Green Technology Creates Business Opportunity for Diaper Recycling

SDGs Asia, the Asia Pacific Sustainability Expo, will be held from July 21 to July 23 at the Taipei World Trade Center. In order to respond to the global trend of net-zero emissions in 2050, SDGs Asia has set the theme of "Toward a Net-Zero Future" and invited more than one hundred exhibitors from the central and local governments, corporations, schools, and NGOs to communicate with each other.

2023 Asia Pacific Sustainability Expo exhibition highlights Yi Chun Green Technology is worth paying attention to, in the global ESG wave, officially registered a new version of the strategy, Yi Chun Green Technology leading the world's patented technology, so that diapers from this moment onwards recovery and recycling, recycling, combined with green technology, circular economy of the success of the business model, leading to upstream, downstream and the level of the industry ten fingers tightly linked to the sustainability of the opportunities brought about by the "orange economy" to open up new opportunities. The company invites you to join us in launching a campaign for the "Orange Economy". The company invites everyone to start a diaper recycling revolution!

Yi Chun Green Technology general manager Hsi-Chun Chin said, 30% of the diapers are plastic, if the world's diapers can be recycled through the recovery and reuse, which means that 30% of the plastic can be reused here, you can avoid the use of materials must be used to burn as the ultimate solution to effectively reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, diapers generated in households are often dumped into garbage trucks for disposal, but how to return diapers to specialized treatment plants through recycling requires the government and the people to work together to increase the recycling rate.

Yi Chun Green Technology exhibition concept is to plant a seed to save the planet, and hope that the diaper recycling to start a revolution in sustainable recycling, looking forward to more and more people to fight with Yi Chun Green Technology, to help protect the only planet belonging to all of us, the design of the exhibition area is a complete presentation of diaper recycling materials, Yi Chun Green Technology Vice President Kuo-Fen Shen, said that the whole of Taiwan's baby diapers a year about 1.4 billion pieces of diapers, coupled with diapers buried for 500 years! Still can not be decomposed, a serious impact on the environment where people live, causing far-reaching impacts, in order to let the public understand the diaper recycling so that a better life can be extended to the next generation! Yi Chun Green Technology on-site diaper recycling game, so that the public understand the advantages of the effectiveness of decomposition and recovery, waste diapers are no longer just garbage. For this reason, Yi Chun Green Technology environmental technology in the Asia-Pacific Sustainability Expo booth, including the main visual, cubicles, tables and chairs are constructed using diaper recycling materials, welcome to the Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1, D04 visit.

Yi Chun Green Technology was established in 2019, originating from the parent company Yi-Chiu Group's philosophy of "environmental sustainability, circular economy" as the business objective, focusing on the implementation of the flawed and waste diapers recycling mechanism, which will restore the three main recycled materials, namely plastic (PP), paper, highly absorbent molecules (SAP) through the exclusive patented technology treatment and then sold to supply non-skin-friendly products applications. The three main recycled materials are plastic (PP), paper, and highly absorbent molecules (SAP), which are processed and re-sold through a proprietary patented technology to supply non-skin-friendly products. Yi Chun Green Technology has accomplished the mission of recycling diapers, realizing its responsibility to protect the environment and love the earth, and giving full play to its influence in the industry chain.

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