Reuse plan

Reuse Plan

According to the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan's Executive Yuan in the Republic of China in 108 years of statistics, the whole of Taiwan just before the age of three babies produced diaper garbage, a day of about 4.28 million pieces, equivalent to the height of 172 101 building, a year is equivalent to stacking 62,000 101 building, the statistics do not include the adult use of disposable products, such as paper diapers, sanitary napkins.

According to the chart below, the amount of waste diapers handled in the Taiwan market (counting only the adult portion) is about 13 tons per day of factory defective waste diapers, 428 tons per day of long term care unit waste diapers, and about 900 tons per day of household waste diapers, but regardless of whether they are defective waste diapers or used waste diapers, the method of disposal is mostly by incineration.

apers contains a large amount of cotton pulp and plastic. Used waste diapers contain harmful substances such as feces and urine. In addition to being difficult to decompose. The high liquid content of used diapers leads to a shortened life spam of the incinerator and will increase carbon emission causing air pollution. With Landfill, the high-absorbing molecules of the diaper cannot be naturally decomposed by the environment.

With the aging of Taiwanese society, the market for adult diapers is constantly expanding. With the increasing numbers of discarded products, it has become one of the main environmental killers.益鈞環科、益鈞6912、6912、尿布、尿布回收、回收尿布

How many discarded diapers are there in Taiwan?

How many discarded diapers are there in Taiwan? Seems more than you can imagine

Discarded diapers have caused environmental pollution

How can we improve the problem of discarded diapers

We have the technology

We will wash the diapers and sterilize

Recycled and purified material

Shred, separate, recycle and purify