Focused Topics and Communication Channels


Focus Issues

Communication Channels, Frequency and Response Methods


1.Financial information

2.Company governance

1.Regular general meeting of shareholders((annual))

2.Legal person briefing or performance presentation((irregular))

3.The website designated by the competent authority publishes important information((announcement in accordance with regulations))


1.Staff training

2.Salary and benefit

1.Educational training, lectures and various activities((irregular))

2.Employee complaint mailbox((personal reply))

3.Labor-management meeting((annual))

4.Performance interview((annual))


1.Customer relationship management

2.Service quality and trust

3.Legal Compliance

4.Integrity management

1.Contact and mailbox (personal reply)((personal reply))

2.Business interview (irregular)((irregular))

3.Project meeting (irregular)((irregular))

Government Agency


2.Environmental protection

1.The website designated by the competent authority publishes important information((announcement in accordance with regulations))

2.Communicate with the competent authority or factory supervision


1.Corporate Social Responsibility

2.Industry and University cooperation

1.Social welfare and donations((irregular))

2.Participate in community environmental protection activities((irregular))

3.Industry and University cooperation plan((irregular))


Complaints Channel

The company encourages internal and external personnel to report dishonesty or misconduct, and according to the seriousness of the reported cases, a bonus of less than 5% of the amount of illegal income received will be awarded. If internal personnel make false reports or malicious accusations, they should be punished. Disciplinary action will be taken and if the circumstances are serious, should be dismissed.

The whistleblower should at least provide the following information:

1. The name and ID number of the whistleblower. The whistleblower can also report anonymously, and the address, telephone number, and e-mail address where the whistleblower can be contacted.

2. The name of the accused person or other information sufficient to identify the identity of the accused person.

3. Specific evidence available for investigation.

The relevant personnel of the company handling the report should make a written statement to keep the identity of the reporter and the content of the report confidential, and the company promises to protect the reporter from being improperly dealt with due to the report.

The report window as follows:

Auditor :

Contact Number : 03-354-1700

Post Address: No. 761, Sec. 2, Youguan Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338002