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Yi Chun start collection of absorbent hygiene materials from factory defects, used waste diapers from public and Old age home / long term caring center. All have different collection methods and processes.

Manufacturer :

Manufacturer gathers all defect product, defect diapers will than be collected by qualified garbage cleaning company who is registered with EPA than shipped to Yi Chun for recycling and reuse.

Business Unit : Under Planning

Yi Chun and collaborative Institutions collect used waste absorbent sanitary materials (diapers). Various collection details are arranged with the output side e.g., avoid foreign matter input, avoid damage of packaging and other SOP. Once the first collection condition from the front end is complete, discarded diapers are moved from the dirt room to the temporary storage area, qualified cleaning agencies or institutions will collect and deliver to Yi Chun. During the process of transporting, various protection mechanisms are improved to avoid infection, odor and other prevention before reaching recycling center to execute various recycling processes.

From the Public : (EPA Pilot Program)

Yi Chun is currently carrying out a pilot project within the jurisdiction of Taoyuan City, using public recycling bins for collection. Through various publicity campaigns, the public is taught to put used diapers into the "public diaper recycling bin" for collection. Finally, the diapers collected by Yi Chun are transported to the recycling center for recycling.



Through the process of patented technology. Yi Chun cleans, sterilizes and treats the odor of waste diapers, and then performs various decomposition processes. Plastic, paper fiber, and SAP are recycled from patented process of enzyme separation, shredding, and mechanical separation.



The shredded and separated of semi-finished products such as plastic fragments, paper fibers, and superabsorbent molecules (sodium polyacrylate; SAP), will further be refined to make plastic pellet, paper fibers, and superabsorbent molecules. The purity reaches 99% before the recycled materials can be put into the circular economy system.



Yi Chun will provide recycled plastic pellets, paper fibers, and recycled superabsorbent molecules with a purity of more than 99% for reuse in various industries. If the recycled plastic pellets obtained the specification certification of recycled materials, they can than meet the requirements of the market. Various plastic injection-related applications can be used.