Business Philosophy

Yi Chun Group takes "environmental sustainability" as its business goal. Over the years, we have been implementing various circular economy-related industries, such as reuse of waste oil products and waste glass. Constantly seeking environmentally friendly ways to sustain resources.

There is no solution for waste diaper in the past and various environmental pollution and ecological damage persist. This is urgent issue that needs resolved. No one is doing anything about it, but we care!

Yi Chun formulated a complete recycling and reuse plan, aiming to reactivate the end points of diaper wastes. At the same time, it also invests in marine environmental protection, and promotes the sharing of resources, the exchange of technologies and the joint efforts to deal with marine litter through the integration of marine waste recycling.Linking the upstream and downstream of industrial chains and demonstrating various cases of restoring and reuse of raw materials.

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Our company is engaged in the recycling and reuse of used absorbent sanitary materials (used diapers), factory-made defective products and related scraps.

However, most of the current disposal methods for defective waste diapers are incineration. The diapers contain non-decomposable plastics and super absorbent molecules (sodium polyacrylate; SAP), and the incinerators are likely to cause excessive temperature due to the disposal of waste diapers, resulting in a decrease in the life span of incinerator.

Therefore, most incinerators are unwilling to process diapers. Yi Chun technology is to clean and decompose used or unused waste diapers with patented technology, and restore them to three main recycled materials:
They are plastic, paper fiber and superabsorbent molecules, which are recycled then sold.




2019 - Yi Chun patented exclusive technical process, completely solving garbage problem caused by diapers.

2020 - Complete DaYuan Plant

2021 - Completion of SBIR program

2022 - Obtained the approval letter for reuse from the Bureau of Industry and cooperated with Kimberly-Clark on defect product reuse.

Implement EPA urban waste diaper recycling program

2022 - Initiate internal audit procedures, plan to introduce PSB (Pioneer Stock Board).

Q2 LuZhu factory construction, Q4 completion of construction.

PLAN : 2023

Start operation in 2023 third quarter. (defect:23/Q1, used diaper:23/Q3)

Addree : No. 761, Sec. 2, Youguan Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City
Contact Number : 03-354-1700