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The World's First Waste Diaper Reuse Yi Chun Environmental Technology Company Promotes Circular Economy

Mayor of Taoyuan, Mr. Zhang Shanzheng, went to Luzhu District yesterday afternoon to visit Yi Chun Environmental Technology Co. Chang Shan-Zheng said, Yi Chun Environmental Technology Company is committed to the innovative application of "circular economy" and owns the patent technology of waste and defective diaper treatment, becoming the world's first start-up company engaged in the recycling of waste diapers, and diapers have been gradually changed from the infant and young children's market to the needs of the aging society, therefore, Yi Chun Environmental Technology Company's R & D patent technology is crucial to the treatment of the increasing number of diaper waste. It is believed that in the future, Yi Chun will become an important promoter and benchmark enterprise for Taoyuan's continuous progress towards a "circular economy" in terms of environmental protection and ESG issues.

Yesterday, Zhang Shanzheng listened to a briefing on Yi Chun Environmental Protection Company, to understand how to waste or defective diapers, recycling and treatment, recovery and achieve the process of resource reuse; Zhang Shanzheng is also accompanied by the chairman of the board of directors of the Tuan Environmental Technology Company, Qin Jiahong, visited the plant, through the cleaning and sterilization, crushing and decomposition, raw material recovery and then refining the treatment process.

Qin Jia-hong said, Yi-jun company into environmental protection industry has been 4 years, from the beginning to set up a laboratory, then set up a laboratory in Dayuan, and after 2 years to assess the feasibility of the relevant technology, so the next will be formally set up factories. At present, Yi-Jun's waste diaper recycling technology can be said to be the only one in the world, not only can deal with defective diapers and related scraps made by factories, but also can deal with used waste diapers; in addition, he is also very confident in Taoyuan's investment, and looks forward to the next as soon as possible to complete the domestic factory operations, and in the future the relevant technology will also be promoted to Japan, South Korea, and the European Union and other countries.

According to the Secretary for Economic Development, Mr. Chang Cheng, there are at least 428 tons of waste diapers in Taiwan that need to be disposed of every day, and currently they are mainly incinerated or buried in landfills. Yi Chun Environmental Technology Company through patented processing technology, the recovery of diapers into three major high-value recycled materials, namely plastic, paper fiber and highly absorbent molecules, and through the relevant traceability certification into recycled raw materials, not only to reduce the burden on the earth's resources and environmental pollution, but also effectively reduce the cost of materials recycling, the city government will be fully supportive of the development of environmentally friendly innovative enterprises, to realize the global trend of plastic reduction and carbon reduction.