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  • Winter solstice distribution of soup dumplings, lunch boxes and goods to warm up the cold Santa Claus braved the cold to donate money to charity.

Winter solstice distribution of soup dumplings, lunch boxes and goods to warm up the cold Santa Claus braved the cold to donate money to charity.

Frozen air-conditioning troupes winter solstice attack, low temperatures once again approaching 6 degrees, the peace station influx of many homeless, the poor elderly, a group of Santa Claus volunteers busy preparing lunch lunches, hot dumplings, and so on, the scene to bring a lot of supplies is decorated as a Christmas tree, hoping that on the eve of the winter solstice and Christmas, to help the more disadvantaged poor can survive the winter and have a good year.

The Winter Solstice is a traditional festival in which families eat soup dumplings, symbolizing the good omen of roundness and unity. The winter solstice coincided with the onslaught of freezing air-conditioning, and during the onslaught of the cold front, many poor families, poor neighbors, and elderly singletons came to take shelter from the cold and to get warmer and to ask for household goods and warmth-keeping supplies. A group of volunteers who came together on the Internet dressed up as Santa Claus and delivered boxes of supplies to the Ping An Station for distribution to the disadvantaged, and cooked warm dumplings on the spot in the hope that the dumplings would make everyone's life smooth and happy in the new year, as well as keep them warm during the cold spell.

This group of Santa Claus to send supplies donation activity, initiated by netizen Yang Boyu voluntarily, the end of each year through the community to call on netizens to join the small donations, donations of supplies, etc., activities launched less than five days, small donations flooded into the Ping An Station fund-raising account of more than 50,000 NT dollars, many warm clothing, warm packs, instant noodles and people's livelihood that is, food and so on, also in the enterprise (Guan Yi Engineering Company, Joffer Health and Aesthetics Clinic, Yee Lai Health and Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Vixen Fashion Clinic, Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China, Yi Chun Green Technology Co., Ltd. and Golden Channel Cable TV Co. Ltd.) and Santa Claus volunteers played by the public arranged for the delivery of bags of warm clothing to Ping An Station in the hope that those in need of cold-weather items could receive them at the station and be fed.

People's Safety Foundation New Taipei Ping An Station Director Zhang Ziwen said, this winter cold front came fast and furious, the temperature repeatedly dropped to below ten degrees, Ping An Station has activated the cold shelter night sleep mechanism, so that the homeless can have a place to shelter. But this year because of the epidemic affecting people's livelihood and economy, the whole in supplies and fund-raising in a difficult situation, even the monthly small donations are greatly affected, fortunately, every year there are a group of netizen volunteers initiated activities, at the end of the year, can be responded to the heart of love, timely rain to help to the disadvantaged in the cold.

Corporate volunteers Yi Chun Green Technology Shen Guo-Fen, vice president said, I'm very happy that the company has been able to participate in the end of the year activities of the Foundation, together to help the needy, which is the same as the Yi Chun Green Technology corporate culture, are for the sustainability of the planet to exist, of course, will not be interrupted to the corners of the concern; early in the morning from the Jinshan to help the peace station Santa Claus volunteer Lin Xiu-Ling also said that they were able to bring supplies and small donations to the peace station, the cold weather together to make lunches, cooking dumplings and delivering supplies to feel the bottom of society thoroughly hard. The Santa Claus volunteer, Lin Xiu Ling, also said that she was happy to be able to bring supplies and small donations to the Ping An Station, making lunches, cooking dumplings, and delivering supplies in such cold weather, and she thoroughly felt the hardship of the grassroots in the society, and felt that she was able to make a little contribution, and she would continue to be involved in social welfare and public welfare activities in the future.

Recently, the People's Peace Foundation has been struggling to raise funds for the "30 Feasts" campaign. In addition to hoping for public support, Ping An also hopes to continue to help the disadvantaged through small donations throughout the year and to provide support to the underprivileged so that every corner of the world can be filled with warmth.