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Diaper Recycling Becomes a Business Opportunity Zhang Shanzheng Praises "Taoyuan's Pride" During Visit to Eco-Tech Industry

Taoyuan Mayor Chang Shan-cheng visited Yi Chun Environmental Technology Inc. in Luzhu District today, which is the world's first start-up company engaging in the recycling of discarded diapers, and praised the company for its commitment to environmental protection, which is a source of pride for Taoyuan.

Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng said that previously there were media interviews and asked Taoyuan has a representative company, he was a little name Yi Chun Environmental Technology Company, the recycling of diapers is a major boon to the environment, it is an honor to visit the pride of Taoyuan.

The Council said that diapers in Taiwan for the general waste, many households, institutions after the use of discarded, a rough estimate of Taiwan daily at least 428 tons of business waste diapers to be processed, and the current diapers are incinerated or landfill disposal as the main.

If incinerated, the plastic and highly absorbent molecules in diapers will damage the incinerator, reducing its useful life and causing air pollution and carbon emissions. If buried, the plastic in the diapers may take up to 400 years to decompose, and then the soil and rivers will be filled with plastic particles as the rain washes over the land, polluting the oceans, and then the entire food chain will be affected by plasticization.

EDC pointed out that Yi Chun Environmental Technology Company is committed to the innovation and application of patented technologies in the fields of waste management and circular economy, and has developed a series of defective waste diaper treatment processes, which can transform items originally regarded as garbage into recycled raw materials that can be re-sold and used again, and restore the three major high-value recycled materials, including plastics, paper fibers, and highly absorbent molecules, and re-sell them after relevant traceability certifications, which can reduce the burden of the earth's resources and pollution.

Mr. Zhang Cheng of the Economic Development Bureau said that in response to the international trend of net zero carbon emissions, the city government will fully support and encourage the development of environmentally friendly and innovative enterprises. In addition, the city government has also set up an investment service center, which integrates various investment services across agencies to assist enterprises in investing in Taoyuan, assisting them in land searches, land changes, building construction, business registration, talent recruitment, and investment incentives, etc., and creating a friendly investment environment with enterprises.