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Concord Securities Group publication on ESG green business opportunities

Concord Securities hosted the 2023 ESG New Generation Industry Forum, and President Chiu Wing Cheng emphasized that Concord Securities actively promotes and implements the ESG sustainability goals of green finance, social responsibility, and due diligence governance.

The forum invited Paccar, Koyo Materials, Counter Trade Center, Yi Chun Green Technology, and Taiwan Local Entrepreneurship Foundation to share their views on supply chain revolution through circular economy, semiconductor silicon circular economy, and sustainable ESG local entrepreneurship to seize the green business opportunities.

PackAge+ is committed to transforming the online shopping ecosystem with "online shopping recycled packaging" and is the first recycled packaging system service provider in Taiwan. PackAge+'s Chairman, Mr. Dewey Yeh, shared that Taiwan's annual packaging waste exceeds 3 billion and generates 5.6 million tons of carbon emissions and 10.7 million tons of waste, therefore, PackAge+ advocates recycling services to create a world-class recycling ecosystem.

Mr. Ying-Chi Ho, General Manager of KOYO Applied Materials, gave a speech on "Turning Waste into Treasure, Seizing Green Business Opportunities", emphasizing the exclusive recycling technology to convert the waste silica slurry recovered from the semiconductor manufacturing process into the low-carbon materials of silicon dioxide and green hydrogen to further increase the value of silicon dioxide, and after the microfabrication and surface treatment procedures, not only to improve the quality of the products, but also to provide to the semiconductor waste silica slurry of the incoming suppliers, to construct the ecological chain of the semiconductor silicon recycling economy in Taiwan, and to become the new standard of the sustainable management.

Yi Chun Green Technology Low Carbon Diaper Recycling Center will build a demonstration site in 2020 and was successfully listed on the Emerging Stock Market's Strategic New Board last year.

Huang Yu-Jen , Vice President of Yi Chun Green Technology, emphasized that Taiwan produces nearly 1,300 tons of waste diapers daily, which is equivalent to the treatment capacity of an incinerator in Beitou, with the largest number of diapers being produced by long term care and nursing care institutions. Yi-Jun uses exclusive patented technology to recycle the three major raw materials of diapers into high-value raw materials, and at the same time, treating each ton of waste diapers can reduce 0.56 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Take wood vinegar expert Chen Wei-Cheng as an example, there are 10 million metric tons of forest waste in Taiwan every year, using one tree pruning as a full cycle, formulating the 7R principle of zero-waste, and gradually building a green life.

Mei-Ling Chen, Chairman of Taiwan Local Entrepreneurship Foundation (TLEF), said that "Local Entrepreneurship" is an effective prescription for balanced regional development in Taiwan, so that Local Entrepreneurship can join hands with enterprises to create a new milestone for ESG in Taiwan.