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  • Hsi-Chun Chin, General Manager of Yi Chun Green Technology Recycling of diapers realizes the spirit of circular economy.

Hsi-Chun Chin, General Manager of Yi Chun Green Technology Recycling of diapers realizes the spirit of circular economy.

Taiwan's success in promoting the circular economy, even ahead of many countries' policies and regulations, is due to the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts in this area. Yi-Jun's exclusive patented technology process to deal with the diaper waste problem is not only a commercial consideration, but also a realization of the corporate social responsibility of giving back to the community and benefiting the environment.

30% of diapers are plastic, if all diapers in the world can be recycled through recovery, it means that 30% of the plastic can be reused, which can avoid the need to burn the used materials as the ultimate solution to effectively reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, diapers generated at home are often dumped into garbage trucks for disposal, how to return diapers to specialized treatment plants through recycling still requires the government and the people to work together to increase the recycling rate.

In terms of Yi Chun Green Technology, there are still a lot of details that can be strengthened at this stage, such as in the part of the business model, the current centralized processing, because the diaper itself is a fluffy individual, so in terms of transportation efficiency may cause a lot of carbon emissions, if there can be some improvements in the production side, I believe that in terms of transportation, it is possible to cut down on a lot of carbon emissions.

In addition, if small front-end treatment facilities can be installed in long-term care units or hospitals, the excreta in diapers can be removed first, because the excreta accounts for up to 2/3 of the weight of diapers, so when the excreta is removed, it can increase the efficiency and capacity of transportation.

I have also observed that while large brands are willing to spend more on ESG, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are more concerned about profitability. The ultimate goal of promoting circular economy is how to enhance the added value generated through environmental protection. Fairphone, for example, is characterized by the use of recycled materials in its components, and has achieved good sales results in the European market. When consumers recognize the significance of environmental protection and are willing to support it with their business behavior, it is the moment when the value is demonstrated.

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