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Yi Chun Green Technology Silver Award for Green Design

Business Times / Wong Chuen Hing

Yi Chun Green Technology Silver Award for Green Design

Yi Chun Green Technology (6912) participated in the Asia Pacific Sustainability Expo (APEX) and set up a booth with innovative diaper recycling materials, seamlessly integrating diaper recycling and application with ESG, which not only attracted eyeballs on the exhibition floor, but also received surprisingly enthusiastic responses, and was awarded with a Silver Award for Green Design by the chairman of the organizer, the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation, Mr. Chien Yo-Hsin.

Mr. Hsi-Chun Chin, General Manager of Yi Chun Green Technology, said that Yi Chun Green Technology team used diaper recycling materials in the design and construction of the booths at the "Asia Pacific Sustainability Expo", which is fully in line with the concept of "sustainability", and allows the entire industry chain of diaper recycling and application to be in line with the ESG trend and standards. Mr. Hsi-Chun Chin said, including the main visual wall, flooring and shelves, display cabinets, children's tables and chairs, the main visual earth, turtles ... etc. are all used diaper recycling materials, through the statistics of the use of 34,767 pieces of diapers, the reduction of carbon amount of about 1,823 kilograms.

Chairman of Yi Chun Green Technology, Mr. Chia-Hung Chin pointed out that Yi Chun Green Technology is mainly engaged in the business of recycling and reuse of used waste diapers (including related absorbent sanitary materials, etc.) and defective diapers and their related scraps made in factories. After two years of experimental field operation, the feasibility of recycling waste diapers has been verified and approved by the Environmental Protection Administration, the first production line of the Taoyuan Luzhu Plant has been set up, with a designed capacity of 50 tons of waste diapers per day, and is now undergoing trial runs. Small batch production will be available in September, and will enter into the mass production stage by the end of this year or early next year. After the first production line is in mass production, the second production line will be constructed as soon as possible to meet the future market demand.

Currently, incineration is the main treatment for defective used diapers in Taiwan. Since diapers contain indegradable plastics and highly absorbent molecules (sodium polyacrylate (SAP)), incinerators are prone to high temperatures, which can lead to a decline in the service life of the incinerator, and incineration operators are reluctant to collect the waste diapers, making the problem of waste diapers quite problematic.

The patented technology of Yi Chun Green Technology. cleans and decomposes used or unused waste diapers into three main recycled materials (plastics, paper fibers, and highly absorbent molecules) by using patented technology, and then sells them after resource treatment, which not only provides an excellent solution for the disposal of waste diapers, but also makes a great contribution to the earth's sustainability.

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