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THE GREEN BOOK GREEN 10 A Guide to Green Sustainability and Solutions in Taiwan

Yi-Jun is pleased to announce that our diaper recycling program has been selected as one of the finalists in "THE GREEN BOOK GREEN 10 Guide to Taiwan's Green and Sustainable Actions and Solutions". After a rigorous selection process, the judging and editing committee, comprised of experts, scholars and community leaders from various fields, selected 30 innovative and promising green and sustainable solutions, actions or business models, including our diaper recycling program. As an important initiative to promote environmental protection and sustainability, the selection of our diaper recycling program is a great support to us. We are committed to establishing a complete diaper recycling system, from collection, processing to reuse, to realize the effective use of waste diaper resources and environmental protection. In addition, we are actively exploring the possibility of applying recycled diaper materials to the manufacture of environmental products, which promotes the development of a circular economy and the emergence of a green industry. Yijun Eco hopes that the selection of the diaper recycling program will raise public awareness of environmental issues and encourage more companies and individuals to join the environmental cause. We will continue our efforts to make greater contributions to the sustainable development of society and the environment, and to create a better future for our land and the next generation.